Lamborghini Racing 190

Lamborghini Racing 190
Lamborghini Racing 190

Full animated cockpit
Help window on the “F2″ (only visible in the cabin)

-In-/Outdoorsound Responds to doors, windows and roof hatch
-Adjustable indoor camera (press 6,7,8,9)
Physical-cam driver seat with noise bumps wipers
-Ein-/Ausblendbare Front Console. Changes between loaders and hydraulic front (“Shift” key on the right)
-An-/Abbaubarer Front loader with hydraulic leveling and a new sound
Scoop for Standard Fruit (DLC2 version gives it extra! Not included in the DL)

Washable All-

Gas limiter (press “Insert”, “remove” and)
-4×4 (MP ready)
-DLBA (air brakes)

Dust and tire tracks
-Adjustable tow hook (key KP_7 / 8)
The heruntergaldene. Zip archive must be unzipped ..!

It includes:
-Weight with a working hitch
Was tested on the two standard solutions. There, all ran smoothly and without Lambos log entries easily! This mod is unfortunately not for the faint PCs.

On the realization were:
-AGO Systemtech T.I.F: (model and animation)
-Devilkw T.I.F: Scripts
-meyer123, zucchero Flinti, fin050808 MTW: TUV & Quality Assurance
Knechti-MTW: sound, motion, and driving behavior

Scheduled in V2.0:
Wipers wipe and rain without the dust and dirt out of sight.
The shovel-sigma4 TippAnywhere script gets its own, what it allows all the fruit all over the map to flip out and back to take on.


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