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Landwirtschafts Simulator 2011 Patch 1.2


Landwirtschafts Simulator 2011 Patch 1.2

Update 1.2


* Fixed baleloader saving, loading and deleting if bales are mounted (1.2)
* Fixed manure fill level when using shovel (1.2)
* Fixed rare shop screen button hovering and keyboard input issues (1.2)
* Fixed self propelled sprayer not being able to refuel (1.2)
* Fixed rare issue with combine unloading (1.2)
* Fixed typo in stop refuel text message
* Fixed PDA tip triggers stats
* Fixed selecting seed type in multiplayer
* Fixed baleforks for Agrovector and Agrofarm textures


* Improved PDA tip triggers stats on multiplayer clients (1.2)
* Improved driving behavior of several vehicles
* Improved visual quality of wheat, barley and grass windrows
* Improved viusal quality of Agrovector attacher
* Improved visual quality of chat user interface
* Improved visual quality of cow animations
* Improved visual quality of windrows on multiplayer clients
* Improved mass calculation of trailers
* Improved visual quality of multiplayer avatar
* Improved shop messages in multiplayer games on the game host
* Save settings of the multiplayer game creation screen
* Added multiplayer ban and kick user functionality (1.2)
* Added total number of available open games to the join game screen
* Added auto save option to the game host admin screen and added new console commands gsAutoSave and gsAutoSaveInterval
* Added savegame history system
* Added Internet/LAN icon image to the join game screen
* Added mod management screen to remove installed mods
* Added advanced controls screen that allows the adjustment of gamepad deadzones and mouse sensitivity
* Added new options “allow clients to sell vehicles” and “allow clients to create new fields” to multiplayer admin screen


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