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Placeable grill with steaks and sausages v1.0 [SP]

Placeable grill with steaks and sausages v 1.0 [SP]

Here in the pack are 2 versions of the grill!

grill for Giants DOWNLOAD

Standing Tall v2

Standing Tall v2
One thing leads to another; I did create a model of Finnish lighthouse called Bengtskär and of course I did have to use it… So this is my smallest (but tallest) map so far. Small island with just 3 fields (two small and one even smaller). Shape and scale of home island is taken from real maps, but in real life there ain’t fields or farming buildings at all. There are also 2 other lighthouses (Sälskär and Märket). DOWNLOAD

US Style Concrete Silage Towers

US Style Concrete Silage Towers
2 US style concrete Silage Towers:

1 x 800 ton silo

1 x 400 ton silo

A normal tipper trailer can also be used to tip into the blower.
The cows will automatically feed from the chaff/silage.

Calf Hutch

Calf Hutch
ABS Plastic Calf Hutch based on a Calftel Hutch for scenery builders.
No limitation on use and no permission required.
Please credit if used.

Mod: milpol
Texture: Non DOWNLOAD

Calf Feeder

Calf Feeder
Two Calf feeding stalls with Control Unit for Scenery / Map makers
to use based on an H & L Calf Feeding unit.
No limitations on Use or permission required.
Complimentary Credit appriciated on use. DOWNLOAD

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