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1971 Ford 8000

1971 Ford 8000
1971 FORD 8000
This is an exact replica on my grandpas tractor, it even has the extra step that he welded on to help him get in and out as he got older. He bought this tractor brand new in 1971 and restored it in 2012. This tractor weighs 10,000 pounds with 105 horsepower. The 8000 was Fords answer to the John Deere 4020 and is in the same power and weight class. DOWNLOAD

Ford 642 Pack

Ford 642 Pack
This pack includes a Ford 642 combine with 5 meter cutter which looks as if it is a re-skinned Lizard from the game. I found this while surfing the net and since I have wanted a Ford combine forever, I downloaded it. It works good, so I skinned a 6-row corn head for it and decided to upload it for everyone. Ford combines were sold in the 70′s and were actually manufactured by Claas and the green paint was painted over to Ford blue before being sold in the USA. DOWNLOAD

FORD 8210 size 1:1

FORD 8210 size 1:1
This is af ford 8210. it is a reskin of a ford 7810. is a littel tractor, but wery nice. I hope you like it.


Ford Cargo 2422 Edit

Ford Cargo 2422 Edit
Speed Now Has Top Speed OF 62-64 Mph (Alot More Controllable)
Fixed All Errors The Log Is clean.
(You will have Warnings if you do not have that type fruit in your map)
Fixed the Ezlimiter
Changed Paint (Looks the same though)
Changed Sound

Ford Cargo 2422
Capacity 68000
High Speed: 62-64 mph
Wheels Crome
Multigrain: 51 Fruits
Trailer Attacher (LOw)




FORD TW-25 by ValtraN111

-Double wheels keys: 8, 9
-Animated frontaxle
-Front wheight, key: 7
-Work lights, key: 6

Whats new:

Log error – “Error: keyframes not strictly monotonic increasing” – FIXED.
Dual wheels no longer show when 1st bought or after loading savegame.
Horn now works


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