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Case CVX175 Tier III v1.1 FS 2013

Manual Ignition Dynamic Exhausting System Cab and Seat Suspension Animated Front Suspension Indoor Sounds Washable – BJR-Edition Interactive Control ESLimiter and Operating Hours Dynamic Camera LightScript V3.1 Wheel Particles Moving Interior Parts Adjustable Attachers

Case-Fahrer JoXXer AzoaX GIANTS EddieVegas Face Sven777bTemplaer, Henly20, Xentro: EddieVegas, Marxtai, Dave_Boughen, Hitperson, theSeb, Wiliam, snapper and 07lthorne Without these people this mod be nowhere near the quality it’s at.


Case Magnum 235

Case Magnum 235
Tractor has:
- Mod plowing
- Opening doors and rear window
- Full-lighting
- Change the wheels (9)
- The rear camera
- 1:1 scale DOWNLOAD

Case magnum 315

Case magnum 315
Case magnum 315 edit new beaconlight, new worklights DOWNLOAD

Case IH Steiger 600HD

CaseIH Steiger 600HD
Presenting the default CaseIH Steiger 600 with new Tires and below mentioned specializations.

1.Manual Ignition-KP ENTER.
2.Auto Steering-KEY X.
3.Switchable Dual Wheels-7/8.

CASE IH Steiger 600HD v 1.1 [SP]

CASE IH Steiger 600HD v 1.1 [SP]
Case IH Steiger 600HD drilling tires
Max Power: 492KW / 669PS
Maintenance costs 500 € / day
Drilling tires for good traction DOWNLOAD

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