US Style Concrete Silage Towers

US Style Concrete Silage Towers
2 US style concrete Silage Towers:

1 x 800 ton silo

1 x 400 ton silo

A normal tipper trailer can also be used to tip into the blower.
The cows will automatically feed from the chaff/silage.

By default it doesn’t matter how many chaff/silage clamps you have on a map, the game will treat them all as one.

You could use these for storage of sorts, although the game will auto feed cows the chaff anyway… There is an unload pipe on the opposite side that can be used to fill a trailer or diet feeder which can then be dumped into another clamp or feeder troughs inside a shed. Game wise slightly pointless but as silage in FS2011 is not a default fruitType this is about all you can do.

The default tip trigger does not recognise chaff as a particleSystem, so when filling a trailer it will look like wheat, but is actually chaff…

Copy the i3d and textures files to a folder within your map folder and add to map using Giants Editor as usual.

(C) 2012 sandgroper
Mod/textures/Ingame – sandgroper
input/help/testing – milpol


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