Orange Farm station map

Orange Farm station map
Here is the new map TGG mt “orange station map”. This map and a new design with the addition of five new fruits which are: orange, peach, grape, coffee, banana and sugar cane new heights and time of growth for the trees, banana, orange, peach and grape sugar cane Besides these there are also fruit soybeans, cotton, potato surgabit, strawberry tomato onion carrot sorghum sunflower flower garden rice and fruit pattern.

Various locations on the map is to sell their grain, milk, cattle, horses and even shop selling juices, local Carians on the farm to store seeds and deposit for strawberry grape orange peach sugar cane and coffee silo for grass, workshop with fuel and very more this map you will need the following triggers: MAPDORTRIGGER, mapfruit, pda map, are now added in this pack if you want you can also use the “aacourseplay” opcinal, the vehicles that transport and harvest the new fruits will be posted shortly after the map.
please to report errors to the tgmodteam corrigilos can as fast!


“all of the gamemodteam”
theayltontg,Anggelbad,Dmarte,victortg,Daniel (Desperados93)Michael P. (LanOpa)Heady Sven777b (pelos scripts usado no mapa)



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