Jengs Farm v1.0

Jengs Farm v1.0
Jengs Farm v 1.0

- Livestock mod
- Numbered & named PDA map
- Moving animals (cows horse pigs chicken schaf)
- sugarbeet sunflower potato soybean cotton wheat barley rape maize water water2 meat meat2 eggs
- Livestock feeding mod works great in this map
- All mods used incl.

Changes made Beta – V1.0:
- DCL’s BGA removed
- Add cowland 5 & chaff/grass silagepit
- Greenwheat removed
- Manureheap replaced by V2 manureheap
- Manysilotrigger replaced by standard wheattriggers
- Infotrigger icons used for loading spots animals
- Waypoints used for sellingpoints animals or water and meat
- Start vehicles standard no DCL.


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