Empty Midwest map with 10 fruits and 3 tree fruits

Empty Midwest map with 10 fruits and 3 tree fruits

This map has wheat, maize(for silage) corn, milo(grain), sorghum,(silage), soybean, soybeanv2, oat, alfalfa, and clover with 3 tree fruits ready for you to build your own midwest map. The fruits has been scripted in so you won’t need a map_Fruit or fruit mods.

original map: GIANTs
fruit script by Decker_MMIV sniper214
sorghum by
textures by matthewm2012
sorghum files by slopoke7166
sorghum fruit mod by jb3pc4sale
tested by matthewm2012
tested in all stages of planting, harvesting and selling by jb3pc4sale
Note the orginal map_Fruit and fruit mod by Palajos Modified by jb3pc4sale
and for the help from sniper214
Milo by jb3pc4sale
corn by jb3pc4sale
soybeanv2 edit orginal by jb3pc4sale
alfalfa by jb3pc4sale
clover(lucerne) renamed by jb3pc4sale


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