Agricultural Iceland Map V1.0

Agricultural Iceland Map V1.0
This is a converted standard map, where only the farm and surrounding area have been changed. A V2 is in the making, as said by original creator Galli84.

Original description:
“Converted standard map. Yard and surrounding area rebuilt, added BGA.
This is my very first map, find my degree only to purely mapping. I have tried to make the farm and its surroundings, as idyllic as possible.
For criticism, I always have an open ear, the map is supposed to eventually be improved.

You may like to incorporate your ideas with. Are they good, I’ll try to implement.

! Important!
Thus the BGA works properly, the and needed.
! Important!

This map can only be with my (Galli84) changed permission or posted on other sites. ”

- The two BGA files are included in the pack.
- I have the needed permission to upload this map here.

BGA by Heady, no DLC2 needed.
Fruits: Default fruits; Barley, Grass, Maize, Rape, Wheat.

Trees: Cherez
BGA building kit: Manuel
Grain storage: Desperados93
Floor plates: Tackleberry
Map builder: Galli84
My apologies if you’ve been forgotten.


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