Fendt 8350

Fendt 8350
Fendt 8350:
Grain tank capacity: 10500 l

Cruise control levels: 4
1 = 8 km / h, 2 = 11 Km / h, 3 = 30 km / h, 4 = 7 Km / h
Maximum speed: 30 km / h

Max power: 258 kW / 350 hp

Board computer

€ 234,000

Still contains a straw shredder and a trailer to unload for this combine.

Headers and accessories:
AGCO Fendt Power Flow 7.7 m high cutting performance,
AGCO Fendt Power Flow 7.7 m high-performance cutting canola,
Corn cutter 7.5 m
Header trailer for the reapers

In this version there are two combine:

One is without assistance but with grain filler door animation
And the other is with helper and without grain filler door animation

work light
Grain tank flap animation

PowerFlow functions:
adjustable reel with the pop-up button, standard key: X

Reapers to couple the Schneiwerkwagen:
The PowerFlow works on Schneiwerkwagen with Ankopllungstaste
(Default key = “Q”) coupled

If the cutter is on the loose cutting unit carriage, the green belt is initially tense.
Then the Q button is pressed, then it can be set off.
Upside down it goes like this: G white key until last symbol is instantly highlighted, then press Q.
Then vorsichtog forward so that drive the cutting something slips backwards and disappears and the Ankoppelsymbol, then press Q to depend around the green belt.

Changes to this version:
The reel height is now adjustable with the mouse
Reel back and forth with the X button
Corrected Modinformationen in ModDesk

Author: Golim



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