Midwest USA low edition and John Deere Mod Pack

Midwest USA low edition and John Deere Mod Pack

This is the Midwest Usa Low edition v2 map by Jb3pc4sale. In this pack is the map and a John Deere Mod Pack that will help you handle all the new fruits in the map. This map features new fruits such as Corn (with new windrow feature that lets you bale corn stalks), soybeanv2, sorghum, alfalfa, and clover. The Alfalfa and Clover need to be cut with the combine and then you can chop the windrow for grass silage. the Corn, Maize, and sorghum can be choped for chaff silage. There are a few changes such as feed rings with bale destroy triggers in all the pastures, New silos for the new fruits, all crops can be sold somewhere on the map, water and underwater fog planes have been deleted to make it run even better on slower computers, and a new story line. In the mod pack you will find a combine, forager, spread axle super hopper, baler and silage wagon, a seed tender for use with the 1760 Jd planter with all the new fruits added to it. all the Mods in the Mod pack can be found on LS-UK I just added new fruits. I hope all credits are in order if any disputes PM me and I will fix it imediatly.

Enjoy Folks!
James H Brandt

Sorry folks the maize head for the forager didnt work I am currently uploading a replacement


American dairy barn by Axel of Sweden
Farm-tank system with two tanks by bjorn-ls
Farm Grain Elevator w/Bins by hsshss
Unloading by bitten
new low poly trees by Vanilleeis
Silage pit by Maca
Manur and Liquidmanure tubes and pipes and manureconveyer belt by janlanby
Giants dairy reskin by jb3pc4sale
fence by Sandgrope
sheds by Sandgrope
I hope I didn’t leave anyone out
Reworked By James H Brandt

Sam N and Nocsy
JD orbis
Agrotron 130 Jirka Sk8mike Mr.F Clod
12 row easy collect
JD900 Mr.f Headshot_XXL
JD direc disc
erba Clod
and edits by Jameshbrandt

Kaweco Hackselwagen
Textur: sk8mike/Bigfarmer145
Script: yekk1
Edit: bvbjotty, Performance-Tuning: MadMax
and edits by Jameshbrandt

Spread Axle Super Hopper
Original design by Thomas22, Spider100, and looseterror
Edits by Jameshbrandt

John Deere 9870 STS
Original Modell:Nickel77
Edit, Umbau: Dorsy and Balu79nvp
and edits by Jameshbrandt

New Holland RB6090
The Moder of Orginal Deutz RB460
Reskin by Tuttu (Team Hadeland)
New Wheels by Tuttu (Team Hadeland)
Edits by Jameshbrandt

John Deere 1760 Planter
and edits by Jameshbrandt

DTECNO seed Tender
and edits by Jameshbrandt


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