Claas Ropa Potato and Sugarbeet Harvester

Claas Ropa Potato and Sugarbeet Harvester

Claas Ropa Potato and Sugarbeet Harvester and Cutter

Claas Ropa:

- Claas Reskin of original model
- Enlarged conveyor belt to handle larger cutter width
- Added Beacons and Reflections
- Modified engine sounds
- For the low Price of “0″, anyone can take it for a test drive!

Claas Ropa Cutter:

- Added rear and side cutter housing for cleaner look
- Added 4 wheels to front
- Cutter width increaded
- Added Beacons and Lights
- Added Reflections
- Claas Skin Created

Operation: Due to the addition of wheels to the cutter to support the extra width and to aid in straight line stability, special care must be taken during harvesting to ensure that a straight line is kept at all times. Minor adjustment of your course is acceptable however you will experience difficulties in trying to do a large turn with the cutter on the ground due to the mounted wheels.

To ensure smooth operation please remember to lift your cutter at the end of each crop row before turning.

Care must also be taken when travelling on public roads, the vehicle with cutter attached is wide enough to fill 2 lanes and therefore it is recommended to have a scout vehicle ahead to stop oncoming traffic.

Future versions of this model “may” have a retractable conveyor belt and transport trailer for the provided cutter, until such time please be careful!

**Multifruit Map and Trailer are required for use**



Original Ropa Model: Shippy74
Multifruit LS11 Edit: Bandit
Reskin and Cutter Edit: Borrisimo



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