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Scania R730 LOG v1

Scania timber transporter Complete truck and trailer

dimanix DOWNLOAD

LKW Kipper

LKW Kipper
- Loading of grain and corn
- Realistic change in weight when the trailer is fully
- Beginner varies slightly when it is full DOWNLOAD

Milk Trailer v1.0

Milk Trailer v 1.0


With this pendant can be sold milk from the cows.

It can be at the same point which is also the fill MilkTruck collects the milk and can be sold at the start position MilkTruck at the dairy.

SP / MP tested. DOWNLOAD

Kimadan 20T

Kimadan 20T
C/M Modding Presents our latest project a conversion of the Kimdan 20T


- AO texture

- Working particlesystem

- Washable

- Rotating shaft DOWNLOAD

Strautmann BE4 v1

Strautmann BE4 v 1
The spreader for smaller of manure spreading operations

5.8 to total weight
2 and 4-roller spreader
From 20/28 kW / hp power requirement
Price 14000 DOWNLOAD

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