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Fendt Vario 724 SCR V 1.1 Color Pack LS13 MP

Fendt Vario 724 SCR V 1.1 Color Pack LS13 MP

Greetings Ago.

The pack includes:

Are the colors contain:
- Comunal
- Black
- Steel Blue
- Fir Green

Additional tires.

Fully animated cab (levers, buttons, lights and pedals)
Vario-functioning onboard computer (via F3 can further control functions via IC)
In-/Outdoorsound reacts to door and window opening
Adjustable indoor camera (before KP “/” Back KP “*”, Left C “6″, Right K “5″)
Real Cam installed. Camera adjusts to the angle of inclination of MODS
Purchasable second set of tires on aluminum pallet (washable) DOWNLOAD

Relax map

Relax map
original map with no trees 3 bga and 3 silos and the best idea i have the mission start and end is moved all togheter and is fast make transport mission money…i play this map and i put a little surprise just try and find it…like other my map i miss a file but is useless and work without so… DOWNLOAD

Byurtini Schweiz Map

Byurtini Schweiz Map

I present to you a piece of Swiss town Byurtini, I changed the location of some fields zds can sell everything except manure and Liquid manure, in version 2 will be added for sale navoza.Chto there on the farm, chickens, cows, sheep, DOWNLOAD

Fendt Katana-Pack 1.2.1

Fendt Katana-Pack 1.2.1
Fendt Katana Packung confixed The Pack: (alle waschbar / Dirt spez.) DOWNLOAD

Krone BigX 1100 BeastPack

Krone BigX 1100 BeastPack
1: Preface

The Beast Pack project is now almost 2 years, restive, the pack has evolved and improved. The same will also continue, unfortunately, not quite in accordance with the standard of LS11, but it will come.

Also, this project will extend over other versions. But here first start with a new WIX chopper as a base model and a new pickup. The scripts will also be gradually converted. So give it some time and I think soon rolled back the ultimate Beast on the field :) DOWNLOAD

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