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John Deere 2058 v2.0



Description: Credits:

Nickel77, Gere, Knagsted, shangri66 DOWNLOAD

Krone Bigx v8

Krone Bigx v8
So after the first was built on a false model to me, now I have it again on newly built with the model of “Gaints software”! DOWNLOAD

John Deere 625 Schneidwerk 7.60 meter

John Deere 625 Schneidwerk 7,60 meter
- Animierter Einzug
- Greenstar
- Haspelspeed
- Haspel mit der Maus verstellbar DOWNLOAD

New Holland TC5070

New Holland TC5070

- straw chopper
- foldable grain tank flap
- direction lights
- 2 work lights
- es limiter
- wheel particle system
- cutter straw particle system
- cutter trailer with LS2013 attaching mode DOWNLOAD

JD 9750 sts Pack

JD 9750 sts Pack
2x combine both 9750sts 1 with row crop wheels and 1 with large single wheel. Both have OperatingHours, strawSpec, ESLimiter, LightScript, wheelParticleSpec, WheelDirtSpecialization Also include a Corn Cutter and Draper header. This is updating the older version everything tested the black particles dust is now gone. DOWNLOAD

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